The End of 2018

Hi Guys

Well that’s another year under our belt. 2018 has had its challenges but it’s been relatively good to us. This year has seen us increase the size of the brewery from 288 square meters - 504 square meters.


We added two more tanks and ordered four more from Johnson Brewing Design. We have gone from brewing once or twice a week to six times a week, we reached full capacity in March. This is when we added an additional two tanks increasing production by 33.33333333333333333333333333333%, then in September we reached full capacity again. At £8,200/tank we are really hoping we don’t hit full capacity again until at least the end of February 😎


This year we introduced a new canning line capable of packaging 1,400 cans per hour, this was a massive investment and we had to really dig deep to fund this, we valued my kidney, this was a potential way of raising capital. Fortunately no organs was harvested and with some help we managed to get the canning machine in the building and now have full control over our products, this is massive and having this ensures fresher and better beer. We also purchased some funky lab equipment, allowing us to measure disolved oxygen and Co2 volumes. 


In 2018 our team grew from three to five, unfortunately the additional employees didn’t really work for the business. The extra staff doubled our wage bill, this combined with the growth of the business meant we had some very challenging months. This year I shifted 7,886,829ish litres of milk from Scotland to England, now if I had a penny for every litre! I also mention in a previous email that I would be hanging up the truck keys at the end of the year...... well I’ve assessed the situation and it turns out I need to carry on a little while longer. Although this is where I get to write a lot of my blogs, tonight’s email inspiration........


From myself, Darius and Lorna, we wish you the very best for 2019. See you next year 👋🏼

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