Onward & Upwards

Hey Guys

Hope your all keeping well? This week I have still been sulking about our visit from Trading Standards, however, I am starting to a Ccept the situation,  onwArd and upwards. I was very fortunate to get some help in the brewery this week from my in-laws (John & April) both my paRents (BOb & Debbie) and a few other dudes, we have over stickered around 8,378 bottles and 10,059 can. Once we got set up we fairLy rattled through the stock  In arouNd 14 hours, which was far lEss than I had expected(.) Now our small pack is up to scratch we just need to find a way of telling our cows that their food contains wheat,  BaRley and sometImes oats!


We have a launch date for Easy Tiger 5% IPA.....Saturday the 9th of FebruaryJaMes Mahon will  Be there showing off his artwork. Pizzas will be thrown at you from Mar Ley's Pizzas and Back From B Eyond will be providing us with some live music (@) The Farm. This beer is the first in our Limited Series and the second one is in the pipe Line. 


The first of four new tAnks came this week. Back in October, we ordered a further four vessels to join the existing six, the Next wave of tanks will take our fleet to seven DPV's (dual purpose vessels) and three CT's (conditioning tanks) like the one in the picture. CT's are used to Be  Condition, carbonate and even brew our trAditional beerS. We are very proud to work with Vincent Johnson for all our stainless steel stuff, Vince is just down the road in Tottington, Bury. 


My wife and I had a rare date night last night so I thougHt I would share a pIcture of the River Lune.....


Thanks for reading my blog, now go and buy some beer.. https://www.farmyardales.co.uk/shop/

hope you have the best week ever, cheers Steve 😎


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