Hi Guys

Hope January isn't being too much of a slog? Not to worry February is just around the corner, then Dry January can do one! We are hoping to get our additional tanks up and running this week as our brew schedule is super tight and we are having issues where if the beer is in a tank a few days more than planned this has a knock on effect for the entire schedule, looking forward to some breathing space.

This week has seen us lay our Sika epoxy resin floor, the floor isnt a cheap option however it's the right stuff for the job as our floor takes massive amounts of hammer from various chemicals and traffic. It's quite interesting to see how much the original floor has faded, but shouldn't take to long to catch up. The extension is nearing completion and things should be getting back to normal and we can now get our canning line installed as a static line.


From the 10th of February, Easy Tiger will be available in 440mL cans, we will be having a launch for this 5% IPA on the 9th of February starting at 18:30. James Mahon will be there with the original painting and a few limited edition prints signed by James & Darius.


Marley's Pizza will be making fresh pizzas on site and Back from Beyond will be performing from 20:00. Hopefully see some of you there.

We have a new mascot, he is called Derek. Derek is a Robin that treats the brewery as his own! he sits outside in a morning waiting for us to open the door and if you give him half a chance he's in. We thought this was pretty cool. Until Darius heard about Derek's winter boundary defence on BBC Radio 4. If you are a Robin fan......

  • In summer a robins' territory is defended by a mated pair, while each bird holds individual winter territories. Breeding territories average 0.55 ha in size - about six would fit onto an average-sized football pitch while winter territories are around half of this.
  • The sole purpose of a robin's red breast is in territory defence: it is not used in courtship. A patch of red triggers territorial behaviour, and robins are known to persistently attack stuffed robins and even tufts of red feathers.

Derek’s best mate Baz.

Tomorrow I loose my bestest best friend, “Izzy”. My bestie has been living with pancreatic cancer for a while now and we have reached the point where her quality of life isn’t good enough. My mate always greats me with a smile, and I’m not sure what life will be like without her! Today I dug her grave which was hard, especially when Izzy was walking round inspecting the hole, that’s life.........


Sleep tight Izzy x 

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