Cowboys & Yeast Wranglers!

Hey you guys #Goonies

Happy Sunday. Tonight’s blog comes from a wet and windy Lesmahagow, just been swapping my empty tank for one filled with 28.8 tonnes cow juice. 

This morning Darius and I have brewed, on a Sunday! I know right #crazy. After a few beers last night and a 3AM bed time we nearly became members of the “straight through crew” and started brewing in the early hours but decided this was probably not a great idea 😎


Some week this week.....

We launched the first beer in our “Limited Series” at the Tap Room last night (Easy Tiger). We had live music & pizzas 🍕 our next event is Saturday 2nd of March. We raised £200 for St John’s Hospice in Lancaster and £200 for the North West Air Ambulance by auctioning off 2 limited edition prints which have been signed by James Mahon (artist) and our brewing wizard Darius, massive thanks to these guys for supporting two amazing charities.


We’ve had the fabricators in from Johnson Brewing Design installing new tanks and extra pipe work. We’ve had 3 new DPV’s and a new CT which will take our fleet from 6 to 10 tanks. My dad collected one of the four tanks on his way back from Manchester. 


Beeches Forklifts have kindly provided us with an additional pump truck this one has a wider track, Darius and I use these as adult scooters and have made a circuit round the brewery, who ever looses get the beers in. 


Alongside the Easy Tiger, we have another Small Batch Special, this is a 3.9% Blood Orange Pale, with 40kg of fruit in the beer it has a nice sharpness, it’s unfiltered and has great colour too. Go and find it. 


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This week you can get 10% off all our beers when you use discount code “FARM10”  

Have a great week and come and join us for a beer or five, open every weekend. 🍻

Cheers Steve. 

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