Water, Electricity, WiFi & The Rozzers

Hi Guys

Sorry this is later than normal, today has been busy and I’m still sat in a milk tanker in the evening for my sins... only 8 nights to go and counting, then I’m getting out of the haulage game. I know I’ve said this three times now, however previously I have kept going back to the driving for the extra spondoolies which helps when your growing a business. The night shifts have had some irreversible effects, often getting mistaken for my dads brother, no amount of Olay Age Defying Cream can save me now!!


It’s felt like spring this week on the farm, I’ve even been outside with a Farm Yard T-shirt on, get yours here, shameless promotion! https://www.farmyardales.co.uk/shop?category=Merchandise

Further challenges this week....

We have condemned our borehole and decided to cut our loses and drill another “yey, more expense” we haven’t been able to obtain consistent water from our existing well, I believe that somehow top water is getting into the pump around 51.777 meters below the earth. We can have the well surveyed at a cost of £5,509 however this doesn’t fix anything and in addition to the cost of drilling we have to seal the existing well which involves grout and some magical stuff called Bentonite. We are back on mains water for the time being, which is good stuff but the reason we went for a well was because our water pressure and volume is shocking. Crap water pressure means beer is being transferred slower than we would like, it also means I usually get a phone call mid transfer from my parents in the Farm House unable to have a shower or even worse mid shower 🙈🙈

Electricity North West, I know the sequence of numbers of the top of my head to report a power cut.... 105, 1, 2, 2, 1, 1, then Natalie comes on. We have a catch up as we usually haven’t spoken for a few days. I then tell her we have no one over 65 at the address,  no explosions, the electric meter isn’t in flames and no smell of burning I recon in a few more weeks our conversation will go something like this......

”Hi Nat, it’s Steve”

“Oh for feck sake, leave it with me”

”Speak soon”

I know we have a diesel generator but we have not had chance to install switch gear to run the farm during a power failure, this is now top of the priority list in my notebook.


WiFi, that’s being a massive dick too!

I Tweeted Bryan Cranston about using a drawing of him by a local artist on our next “Limited Series” I’m guessing he was too busy cooking up a batch of crystal meth to reply. If I had more balls I would go with this but I’m scared of being sued and ending up in jail if there is some copyright © stuff.


Our new tanks had their first big clean, the first clean is a biggy as we need to remove any grease and fabrication dust from the vessel. This involved hijacking my Mum’s Bio washing powder and performing a wash cycle at 40oC for 20 minutes then smash it with a hot cycle, boom 💥


We found a spare minute to unwrap them on Saturday in between brewing too. 


We kick off the first of our monthly music and food shindigs on Saturday 2nd of March with Molly Warburton and Italian food from Prego. Join us from 1800....


The big van went out on Thursday at full weight. For this to happen in February is awesome, also my £300 Astra Van was helping out with the local drops. My little ute is ace but I do have concerns regarding its reliability so I try and keep this within a 10 mile radius of the brewery or a scrap yard!


I was writing this weeks blog during my rest break on the M6 entry slip road and the police came and moved me on! Now I know this is illegal but when you need to get on and know you will go over your 4hr 30mins driving getting to the services, give the man a break! Anyway finished it off at Tebay South 4 minutes over my driving time 😬

Have a top week, and if you find you have too much money come and visit our Tap Room, we are open every weekend Friday 1630-2300, Saturday 1200-2300 & Sunday 1200-2000 ish. Oh and we have the Rugby on the big screen this weekend, England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 & Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Saturday 1645 KO.

Cheers Steve 🍻

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