Water Wells, Farming & Rugby 🏉

Happy Sunday Guys

Hope you've had a great week and been enjoying this spring like weather in February! Today Janet and I took a walk round Nicky Nook in Scorton.


This week we have made some progress to our services. JP Whitter rocked up with a 1950’s 6x6 drilling rig, this will be our second attempt at consistent water. As of today they are down at a depth of 11 meters and are really happy with the progress so far. Dan and Richard the well engineers are a couple of top dudes and fill me with a lot of confidence we will get the right results. 


Vinvcent, the main man from Johnson Brewing Design came yesterday to wire in our new tanks, the tanks are fully operational and we will be brewing five times next week. As much as we try we can’t seem to keep up with demand, this is a good problem to have and we are working on increasing our capacity again further over the coming months. During the install of the new tanks we put infrastructure in for a further six tanks, if you would to buy a new DPV or CT that would be tip top.


I would never class myself as an expert in anything but I think I’m average at a lot of stuff, this week I had to go and help rescue a tipper wagon which had slipped of the road at the neighbouring farm. We used the back actor to remove as much material as possible then with a sling, a set of chains and a JCB we managed to drag it out. 


We had Garstang Rugby Club and Richard Jones (the only welsh farmer in the village) join us yesterday for the Six Nations, although England didn’t manage to win it was a great game all the same.


Next Saturday Molly and her band will be joining us at the farm, we also have pizzas and Italian food supplied by Prego. Be sure to join us as we kick off the first music and food evening of the year. 


Have a cracking week and enjoy this weather, see you all soon. 

Cheers Steve 🍻

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