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Hey Guys

Hope you’ve had a cracking week? This week we have been flat out brewing, all our dual purpose vessels are full. Alongside brewing we have packaged 5 beers, squeezed in a canning run, transferred 12 times and cleaned many many tanks. 

JP Whitter our well engineering dudes have hit new depths of 29.20 meters this is about 800mm from the sandstone rock below. Dan and Richard have endured silt, crap, sea shells, more crap, silt, silty crap, crappy silt, a field of boulder clay. Once they hit the sandstone drilling should become a bit easier. 


I had a bash at cleaning out our office, I found stuff I didn’t even know I had.....

  1. Poster of Thunderbird 2
  2. Several final reminders from HMRC
  3. Adult Bugs Bunny costume
  4. 275g of nuclear grade Plutonium  
  5. Treasure map  
  6. tonnes of Farm Yard Ales merchandise  

 With some help from Janet & April we managed to get our merch on display in the Tap Room...... #mothersday

Our wardrobe has a few events lined up this year, if you are looking for this 100 year old piece of oak wardrobe for an event get in touch, this thing will despence 5 ice cold products, all that’s required is a 13amp power supply. 


Can you tell from these which is our Head Brewer Darius and which is the main Gadji from LMFAO? 


One is into his electro dance and the other knows his gravities and yeast counts. 


We are looking at Fish & Chip Fridays at the Tap Room, for a set fee we will provide fresh fish, chips and beer. If this is of interest to you please let me know by commenting or something. 

See ya soon, Steve 🍻

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