London. Brewing. Canning. Milk.

Hi 👋🏼  

Hope your keeping well? Life is getting busier and busier and time is in short supply. I’m still sat in a milk truck (don’t ask) but doing more and more in the Brewhouse. This week I have been brewing whilst Darius has been transferring, carbonating, kegging, canning beer and washing tanks. It’s been a hectic place but Darius and I create an efficient working environment. 

Monday; Darius and I went to London to look at an exciting joint business venture. Travelled on Virgin Trains, visited Mother Kelly’s in Vauxhall had a few beers and got some “train beers”. Note to self, going up to the security gate at Mi6 and asking for 007 doesn’t go down as well as you may think.


Tuesday; added 10kg is São Francisco coffee to our milk stout, got an abundance of expensive bills (lost sleep) started working with the Seniors Fish & Chip dudes, based at Bispham, Blackpool, Lytham, St. Annes, Thornton and Poulton. 

Wednesday; Brewed Holmes Stead Gyle 121, transferred several beers. 

Thursday; Brewed HOF our German Pilsner, Lorna flew round Lancashire with the van delivering our beers. Drove to a Lesmahagow to collect milk, then having to jackknife the truck to fill it with AdBlue. 


Friday; Brewed, carbonated, canned, kegged, cleaned three tanks, made our first delivery to Seniors (the fish and chip experts) Tap Room opened at 1700 just as we was adding “Dicky Mint” our house yeast into Haybob.   

Saturday; Brewed an IPL (India Pale Lager) cropped some yeast, dumped some hops, watched the Rugby and had a few beers whilst waiting for the IPL to cool to 13oC before pitching the yeast. 

Sunday, Transfered 2 beers, cleaned 2 tanks, added some finings adjunct, experimented with some fruits and played with spread sheets. My dad (Bob) and I manned the bar between us today and it was great to see the Tap Room busy, we are open every weekend rain or shine. 

JP Whitter have reached a drilling depth of 34 meters and will be fitting the permanent 6” casing tomorrow and grouting up round the pipe to ensure we have a seal into the sandstone 30 meters below. We are getting closer to a sustainable water source. 


Saturday the 6th of April Evie Plumb and her band will be joining us along with Dough N Co.


Have a cracking week. Cheers Steve 

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