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appologies this week has been particularly crazy but I haven’t had time to take many pictures of what we have been up to. A few further developments regarding our utilities. JP Whitter have reached a depth of 18.72 Meters, it’s been a battle through all the silt and 1,000 million old sea shells but now find themselves amongst boulder clay. Up until now Whitter’s have used temporary casing to keep the whole open, now they are in a bit more solid stuff we are hoping the hole stays open.


We also created a back up source for our electricity. As you may well be aware our 687 year old substation is struggling to keep up with modern day loads and often fails weekly, daily and even hourly. This can be devastating for our beers. My dad purchased a 95kva dinosaur diesel generator, the engine from an old ford tractor bolted onto a generator. As far as I can make out the engine spins and some kind of witch craft takes place and then lights and stuff work. This is a great insurance scheme for our business and we can brew in confidence knowing if the power fails we can still operate. 

We had the first party of the year yesterday and had a great turnout, was great to see so many faces both old and new turn listen to Molly Warburton and eat wood fired pizzas. So thanks everyone who joined us at the farm. Also a big thanks to our biggest fan Keith for helping us prepare for the evening....


To make up for a poor availability I have got some interesting statistics.......

  •  Bugs Bunny is 79 years old. 
  • East Anglia produces enough barley to produce 2,500,000 pints of beer every year. 
  • The Earth’s core is estimated to be 6,000oC and cooling at a rate of 100oC every billion years.  
  • The human heart pumps over 182 million litres of blood in the average lifetime. 

Appologies this blog isn’t up to the usual standard but here is a picture of how we started out less than two years ago...


And where we are at this moment in time....


Any ways have a top week. 


Cheers Steve 🍻 

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