Canned Fizzy Milk

Hi Everyone

Sorry this is a day late, yesterday I was working the Tap Room then pulling cow juice around the country. Also yesterday was only 23 hours long due to the clock change 😬

We are constantly looking at new ways to innovate, explore new opportunities and improve our planet. We have been working closely with Brades Farm Dairy in Farleton to bring you milk in an aluminium can. We will be the first to provide milk in 100% sustainable packaging. The white stuff will be pasteurised on site and split into 5 different products….. Whole Milk, Fat Free Milk, Lactose Free Milk, Organic Milk, Flavoured Milk. This project will benefit local farmers and provide a decent price for milk. We are pretty excited about our flavoured milk as this will be created using real fruits and available carbonated. The flavours we will be launching with are Cranberry, blood orange & Elderflower.


The aluminium can has so many more benefits than plastic and glass, they don’t smash, logistically they are awesome as they stack better than plastic and compared to glass they weigh peanuts. A 500ml can weighs 21g and a 500ml glass bottle weighs 325g. 10,000 empty 500ml bottles weigh 3250kg Vs 10,000 empty 500ml cans weighing 210kg. Making the glass bottle 1,550% heavier. The aluminium can is infinitely recyclable and is the most recycled drinks container on the planet.

One of the biggest misconceptions about a drink in a can is that it tastes ‘tinny’. This isn’t true. Because all modern cans are lined, they prevent any flavour transfer from the metal into the drink: they’re not much different from a metal keg. Cans are an efficient, sustainable packaging solution. Every single one can be recycled; recycling takes just 60 days and results in no loss of quality. In other words, the metal used to create cans is a permanently available material; with every new cycle a new product application can be formed and this cycle can occur an infinite number of times. The quality of a drink in a can is equal, if not better than in other formats. The technology involved in making and filling cans is advanced, plus they protect from light and other elements, ensuring that the taste and quality of drink isn’t compromised in any way.

This week we have been busy brewing and finding ourselves running out of tank space (again), if anyone would like to buy us a new one please send monies to..... Farm Yard Ales, Gulf Lane, Cockerham, Lancaster, LA2 0ER. We accept Euros, Canadian Dollars, Renminbi, Dominican Peso, Yen, precious metals, all major credit cards and travelers cheques.


This week I did question why I still drive a tanker as I spent two hours on the M6 watching blue lights and a fire, the bright side is that it wasn’t my truck sending smoke signals over the Yorkshire Dales.

It’s been a pleasure as always, Cheers Steve.

Steven Holmes