Rubber Dingys & Brussels

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Apologies for the lateness of last weeks blog, there really isn’t enough hours in the day and we are super stretched at the minute. We have some potentially awesome people joining the team in the summer but until then the struggle is real and we will have to ride out the storm in our rubber dingy. Spring is a busy time on the farm too, this is the time of year where we turn over some soil and plant stuff, this puts additional pressure on the beer production. 


Darius and I had a few days in Brussels last week whilst Lorna looked after the rubber dingy, and a cracking Job she did too. DEFRA had invited us to NetworX where we showcased our rural business. It was a massive privilege to be the only UK project there and a real opportunity to network with other European businesses and listen to the massive impact Rural Funding has had for them. It was awesome to be able to promote our beers in a country with one of the best reputations for its beer on the planet. 


Obviously we couldn’t go out there without trying the beer, we had some truly magical creations, from cherry lambics to dry hopped, barrel aged sours. It was emotional to taste these beers and has really inspired me to push some of our beers to a whole new level. We thought we would take in the local culture and found this guy in the centre of Brussels. I thought it must be something special as everyone was taking pictures, so I thought I would join in. It was at this moment I realised that my penis is the same size to the one on Manneken Pis! 


I will try super hard to get this weeks blog out on time but you might have to bare with me for the next few months! 


Saturday the 4th of May we have Sam Frank and the band down at the farm, we also have the Sizzle Sisters providing the food. I will have more details on this over the coming weeks! 

à bientôt Steve. 

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