Sunday, grab a beer and have a read.

How’s it going? Time is flying, I feel like I write these blogs every couple of days, I’m starting to run out of stuff to say. Thanks to everyone who came to the farm yesterday for live music from Evie Plumb and Dough N Co pizza. It’s great to see so many people turn up to a farm in the middle of nowhere, I still don’t understand it. I’m pretty sure it’s not the beer? We have a live music and street food the first Saturday of every month. If you missed this one, our next shindig will be Saturday the 4th of May (Star Wars Day) May the 4th be with you! 

Darius now comes to and from work in the most hipster way possible, he thinks he’s Maverick off of Top Gun he rocks up with his fly suit and his £2.99 mirrored aviators. He said on Monday he was in a 4G inverted dive with a Mig 28.


The brewery is still as busy as ever, I have taken most of the brewing on and Darius now manages transferring, carbonating and packaging. Lorna now has to juggle even more, as I have taken on the brewing Lorna now has taken on some of my admin tasks, Lorna is the one who makes sure everything runs as smoothly and does the following....... Sells beer, tells me what we need to brew, cleans the lines once a week, pays our beer duty, delivers beer as late as 23:00, creates all our invoices, chases debtors, stock takes, orders everything for our Tap Room, cleans the Tap Room, organises events, works the Tap Room, manages the canning line, organised the Tap Room staff, ensures we have weekly meetings, looks after the Google Callander, creates new business, makes sure we always have milk. Which is a bit of a piss take, I shift 28,800 litres a night and if it wasn’t for Lorna we would all be drinking black coffee or tea with no milk. Lorna is the glue that holds shit together and without Lorna we would be in trouble with HMRC, in debt, possibly bankrupt and have no milk in the fridge. 


 The water well is complete, at a final depth of 60 meters and hopefully a decent water source (awaiting tests). By next week we hope to be back on our own water, the reason we have opted for a well is we are really trying to reduce our environmental impact, every pint of beer produced takes 8.4 pints of water. By extracting our water 60 meters below the planet we will have no need for mains water. I would highly recommend JP Whitter, they have been with us for seven weeks drilling our well. Dan and Richard are a credit to the company and this time the well is sealed into the sandstone below and with 4.7 tonne of cement grouted round the steel casing I have no doubt that the water is going to be consistent. 


 Our new yeast strain arrived at the brewery this week, Dicky Mint had given us 14 generations of yeast and turned 53,850 litre of sugary water in to beer. We like to renew our yeast every 10-20 generations as it allows us to go back to source. It ensures are yeast is at the top of its game. Our yeast is named after legends and this yeast is called “Izzy” 


Have a top week and enjoy this weather, remember drink plenty of beer 🍻 

Cheers Steve. 

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