I got 99 problems but Janet ain’t one.

Hi Beer Aficionados 

Hope you’ve had a splendid weekend and enjoyed the sunshine? We have been busy, but overall have had a decent week. Lorna is taking a well deserved week off in Cornwall with the fam. However this doesn’t really help with the work load. We are hoping to get through the week without too much difficulty. #Lornapleasecomeback

Thursday we had some dudes rock up on some vintage motorbikes and a three wheeler doofer that some guy had built in his own shed..... 


I found a few hours to fabricate a glass rack above the bar, well it’s more of an alteration. I removed the existing framework and made a glass rack 204.75% bigger, due to OCD it had to be the same colour as the building (obviously). If you guess the glass capacity of the rack you can have a kudos from me. 


June the 1st Dara Woods and the Woodsmen will be rocking out at the Farm, Prego will be there throwing pizzas about like the Super Mario Bros. This is not to be missed.


We now offer an Airbnb meters from the brewery https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/33653541?s=51 we also facilitate caravans, Winnebagos, igloos and motor homes. We have a MOD toilet and shower block with authentic Taliban bullet holes.....


Our limited edition Belgian Dry Hop Pale is being smashed at the brewery, if you haven’t had chance to give it a crack, get yourself down for a gallon (please drink responsibly)  


A quick flashback to where we was just over two years ago, Izzy and I levelling the site to accommodate a brewery.....

Have a cracking week and I hope to see you all for a beer at the brewery, It would be great to hear from you so drop me an email or follow us on Snapchat (@farmyardales) steven@farmyardales.co.uk

Oh and I’m super proud of my wife.... https://www.facebook.com/834850102/posts/10161693725475103?s=834850102&sfns=mo

  Cheers Steve 🤘🏼