My Mate Keith

how’s life?

I am aware this is late, “My Mate Keith” kindly reminds me when I haven’t done my blog so here goes, grab a beer and hold on to your seats...........

A decent week for us, plenty of beer going out the door, picked up some new customers, seen lots of new faces at the Tap Room. 

We have some great new beers at the minute, our Belgian Dry Hop Pale is flying out, Belgian Gulf dispensing at the Tap Room, Both Belgian Gulf & Sheaf will be featuring at Down By The Riverside Festival We have a Morello Cherry too, it is a spanking colour and a great summer beer, if it was on a menu it would be the Chefs choice....


This Saturday 1st of June, we have our live music and food night, Dara Woods & The Woodsmen will be at the Farm giving it large as always. Prego Italian street food will be throwing pizzas around like the Mario Brothers, these guys take your order and text you when it’s ready which is genius as you have no down time and can spend your time keeping hydrated. Hopefully see you there 😎🍻


Three years ago we won the use of a Land Rover Discovery Sport for 12 months from The Princes Countryside Fund and the Land Rover Bursary. Below is part of the video we used to secure the vehicle.....

This is some of the cool stuff we did with it.....


This week we ordered three more DPV’s to help with our production demands, this will take our forest of tanks from 10 to 13. I am dead proud to use local fabricator (Vincent Johnson who has supplied all our brewery kit so far and uses British Stainless Steel. Top banana 🍌 


Enjoy the rest of your week and come and join me for a beer 🍻 

Cheers Steve 🤙🏼