Bank Holiday & Music

Hey up.  

I hope your enjoying the bank holiday weekend? Some of you eagle eyed cherubs may have realised that there was no blog last week. So apologies for this. I want to thank everyone who came along to The Farm yesterday, it was great to see so many faces. Sam Frank the dude was awesome...... 

June the 1st we have Dara Woods & the Woodsmen so don’t miss this as these guys rock 🤘🏼 

This week has been spent brewing 4 times, watching the Scotland Search & Rescue Helicopter land on a motorway, entertaining a Health & Safety Officer, sitting on the the A74(M) for 6 hours, staying awake for 42 hours, driving the wrong way down the motorway and planting sunflowers with Janet. Well I say planting sunflowers, in all fairness I was writing this whilst watching Janet plant sunflowers 🌻 We have a serious competition with everyone on our row who can grow the tallest. 

The truck driving still goes on although Truck Club has 2 rules, the first rule is you don’t talk about Truck Club, the second rule is you don’t talk about Truck Club! The Health & Safety Gadji popped in the other day unannounced, this isn’t ideal when you haven’t been to bed for 31 hours. I’m very happy to say that we use the NFU for all our insurance and health & Safety cack so everything was in order, a few small issues which have been rectified. We have some savage competition with everyone on our row, our neighbour frank has given us all a sunflower each. The aim of the game is to grow the tallest one, however as always Janet has put her all into these sunflowers, Derick on the left, Ben on the right and the underdog Wilf up front. 


The tap Room is now open every Thursday. We also have a live folk band the first Thursday of every month.  


We are also open from 12 o’clock tomorrow for the Bank Holiday (Monday 6th) . See you soon and have a top week.

Cheers Steve