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Hey Guys

Hope your all keeping well? A new guy called Danny joined us this week, his mission is to master sales and promote Farm Yard Ales to the masses. He is a dab hand on Instagram so be sure to follow us @farmyardales. 

Danny is 26 years old with over a decade of experience in the world of hospitality....

Favourtie Beer - Chaff, flavour to hangover ratio is right up there with the best of em

Moustache Icon - Tom Selleck

Favourite Pass-time - short walks followed by long drinks

tune I can’t get out of my head - The The - Uncertain Smile

Favourite Beatle - George,

Preferred Monopoly Piece - Top Hat

He is looking forward to meeting you guys over a cold one!


Steve from Tee Time in Blackpool had chartered a coach and visited the brewery, I showed them round the brewery and explained what we do and why we do what we do. They also made sure to try most if not everyone of our beers on the bar.


Desperate times this week, I had misplaced our tippy skip doofers, these are super important as we use these to transport the spent grains to the cows, rather than opting for the wheel barrow approach to shift 628kg of spent grains we drafted in the big guns. It’s pretty handy having the odd JCB about.  


I’ve mostly retired from driving, however I do the odd night here and there just to keep my eye in, this was tonight’s little mission collecting milk from Lesmahagow then a shuffle truffle to Skelmersdale. Guess what year the tank on the back of the Volvo was manufactured and you can have a free beer on me 🍻


This week we ordered a further four DPV’s (Dual Purpose Vessels) for the brewery, after the addition of the previous four tanks at the beginning of March we are brewing at full capacity (again). We hope to take delivery of these tanks in the middle of August, these tanks will be installed up to the Tap Room to sit alongside these three dudes... 


Have a cracking week and I hope to see you down at the Tap Room 🤘🏼🤙🏼

Cheers Steve 🍻 

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