Deadwoods @ Farm Yard


Hope your keeping well? This week has been a busy little number, brewing has been heavy going with a few 0300 starts and a shift that made me part of the “straight through crew”. A few benefits of brewing when everyone else is in bed, the phone Doesn't ring and and our electricity is cheaper #Economy7 

We have a busy brewing schedule this week which involves brewing every day pushing our capacity to the limit. We have a further 3 vessels on order to help with our capacity issues. Every time we increase capacity I assume that this will give us more options and make life easier, in actual fact it just means we brew more and makes life harder. 


Look out for our brewery featuring in Vague Skate Mag. Our good friends at ShinDigger Brewing Co have some exciting stuff on the way with these guys. 


I found the most amazing life hack this week, two main spanner’s in the brewery other than Darius and I are a 1” and a 1.5” RJT, we have a few dotted around but they are never where you want them. I have utilised me wellie bobs into a cowboy style spanner holster......


We had the Deadwoods at the Farm on Saturday and what a cracking turnout, it’s so great to see so many people on a farm in the middle of nowhere rocking out Country Roads.....


Thanks to Prego for supplying some top notch pizzas, if you ever get the chance try their breakfast pizza it is out of this world 🌎 

Join us on Tuesday for our second Cockerham Classic Car Meet from 1600.....


Also Thursday 6th for our folk music night with The Long Nights


Have the bestest week and I will catch you sometime soon, cheers Steve 🍻